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Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing and how does it differ from traditional marketing methods?

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Literally translated and defined by the dictionary inbound as “the act of entering, of going
Unlike traditional marketing (or outbound marketing), this is all about getting prospects interested in the services. Thanks to the adapted techniques, this strategy has a strong positive effect on the customers, who do not feel oppressed as can happen with traditional marketing techniques.

To get the most out of inbound marketing and master it in your company, first discover a concrete example of its use, the added values ​​that you will find there;

Automation of the sales cycle, a database of qualified contacts and prospects. , improved cash flow, among others! Then you will find a tip to strengthen your long-term strategy even more.

A concrete example of inbound marketing and its implementation in your company

Among the mechanisms of inbound marketing, we find lead nurturing in particular. Lead nurturing consists of guiding the prospect and helping them enter the sales funnel and move forward. Ultimately, lead nurturing turns the lead not only into a customer, but also into an ambassador.

The ambassador is an enthusiastic and enthusiastic customer who promotes your products, your services and your values, thereby enabling you to reach new prospects.
Specifically, the recurring sending of personalized and varied newsletters makes it possible to establish a connection with the prospect and make him a customer ambassador.

Automation of sales work.

Thanks to the connection we maintain thanks to these different cognitive biases, the commercial aspect is less and less important. In fact, the sales cycle is triggered by the prospect’s affection for the company. The contact is already established and the conversation and negotiations become more pleasant thanks to the attraction and the conviviality that the prospect acquires at the pace/rhythm of the exchange.

Qualified contacts and interested prospects

This tedious work, i.e. the commercial aspect of marketing, is accelerated because you already have access to information (contact details of the prospect, his field of activity, how he met you, what he likes about your company). This information is invaluable to better engage with your prospect and should be used to the best of one’s ability during the discovery phase to better adapt.


Manage your cash flow easily and over the long term

Inbound marketing also allows you to extract real value from your group of weak prospects, specifically turning them into solid and safe contacts. The various processes that make up inbound marketing allow you to take care of your cash flow.

In fact, the prospects who receive your newsletters regularly (to stay with this specific example) stay “hot” (they are called Marketing Qualified Leads) and therefore represent a gold mine: if you need verified contacts, start a campaign converting those leads into qualified leads (i.e. sales qualified leads).

Plus, it’s a lot more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep one!

Keep optimizing your inbound marketing strategy…

After these few lines explaining inbound marketing, its mechanisms and its objectives, we will quickly see how to make it even more impressive and effective: associate it with growth hacking. Growth hacking empowers your marketing strategy by identifying the needs and wants of your prospects and acting on them before anyone else, as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

Bottom Line

Use it wisely, that is, regularly and over the long term, and not as an occasional boost, there are levers to pull: lead nurturing, which we talked about a little earlier, A/B testing your websites, converting leads into solid contacts and ambassadors, and SEO optimization. For details contact Bizcyke

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