Reddit boosts its mobile and digital advertising operations by acquiring Spiketrap.

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Reddit recently bought the audience contextualization company Spiketrap to improve the targeting and relevance of its ads.
Spiketrap technology is utilized to improve quality rating and prediction of user involvement.
It accomplishes this through contextual analysis and features provided by its AI engine.

As part of Reddit, it will improve interest and contextual targeting, predictive modelling, and auto-bidding to increase advertisers’ return on investment. The crew will join Reddit to bolster the company’s advertising division.
“What makes Reddit so distinctive and beneficial for marketers is the depth of discourse across our 100,000+ active communities,” said Shariq Rizvi, Reddit’s EVP of Ads Monetization.

“We believe that targeting relevant audiences based on their interests and the context of the conversations they are having is the most effective approach for advertisers to reach the right people. We have been aggressively investing in solutions for this purpose for some time, and this acquisition will bring Reddit to the next level by completing its capabilities. I am ecstatic to welcome Spiketrap to the Reddit family. ”

The news comes after Reddit bought Sell and MeaningCloud in an effort to get more advertisers’ attention and engagement, which would boost its ad revenue.

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