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As a community Hub, Bizcyke welcomes submission from guest blogger and please read the following guidelines before submission and if you any question please email us on


Writing guidelines:

  • To provide writings that offer our readers practical advice, helpful tools, and valuable strategies.
  • Provide readers with practical advice that they can put into practice immediately.
  • Just like on social media, share unique perspectives on topics considered oversaturated.

Assets Needed:

  • A short biography (2 or 3 sentences)
  • Includes links to your Twitter, website, and LinkedIn profile. 
  • The email address associated with a Gravatar profile.

Publishing guidelines:

In order for us to publish your article, it must meet the following requirements. 

  • Only use Google Docs to submit your post. 
  • The article should be of more than 1000+ Words.
  • The article must have unique, original content that is not plagiarized in any way. 
  • The article should be both informative and useful. Please use humor in the article as long as it is respectful. 
  • Use current and credible stat to support all of your claims. Staista is a great place to start. All information must be checked and backed up by facts and data. Avoid Fake News to support the article.
  • All quotations, data, images, and third-party content should be referenced. 
  • Explore each of your points using concrete and quantifiable examples.

Visual Requirements:

  • Use screenshots, videos and social media to illustrate each case.
  • At least three visual elements must be present in your draft. 
  • Please refrain from using stock photos


  • We appreciate it when guest writers find a way to link to older posts on our site that are relevant to the topic of their article. 
  • Links must be pertinent and beneficial to the reader.
  • We remove backlinks that we deem spam, irrelevant, or included in an extreme example. If there are more than three such links, the article will be disapproved and you will not be contacted for future guest posts.
  • If we found duplicate backlinks even if it relevant we will remove one of your backlink.


Note: DO NOT contact us for link exchanges or sponsored blog posts.

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