Apps that pays 10 dollar a day

Money Making app

There are many apps out there where you can earn money on the go. The basic idea was not complicated at all. As a starting point, the majority of people who wish to generate money online aim for $100 each day. It’s not always easy to find a job or service that pays $100 per […]

Introduction to Messenger Marketing

Introduction to Messenger Marketing

The entire world is informed that Messenger marketing is one of the most effective methods for advertisers and business owners to increase their conversions and decrease their cost per acquisition. The messenger is currently shown to be much ahead of the competition, while others are attempting to play catch-up. What is messenger marketing? Messenger marketing […]

On demand Delivery apps for Business

On Demand App

It is quite clear that the field of mobile application development remains on top. If we dig a little deeper from the top down, on-demand services are taking the world by storm, where they’re proving their worth by fitting into many people’s regular routines. Using a taxi, making a doctor’s appointment, or taking your clothes […]

A guide to a successful Instagram campaign with ROAS

A guide to a successful Instagram campaign with ROAS

Instagram is a popular social network that has helped several individuals and businesses achieve success. However, the efficacy of its operation depends not only on publication but also on mastering the advertising strategies linked with this application and maximizing its potential. Through exposure on this high-impact social network, it is feasible to achieve the intended […]

Reddit boosts its mobile and digital advertising operations by acquiring Spiketrap.

Reddit boosts its mobile and digital advertising

Reddit recently bought the audience contextualization company Spiketrap to improve the targeting and relevance of its ads. Spiketrap technology is utilized to improve quality rating and prediction of user involvement. It accomplishes this through contextual analysis and features provided by its AI engine. As part of Reddit, it will improve interest and contextual targeting, predictive […]